Memorial Health performs first robotic bariatric surgery in region

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Memorial Health is offering a weight loss surgery option that is getting patients back on their feet in record time.

For the first time, surgeons used a robot for one such bariatric procedure. Doctors say the first patient is already back to her regular daily activities after less than a week of recovery.

Robotics offer these surgeons a better view of the target areas, better range of motion, and smaller incisions for the patient.

"Over my post-op course, I may have taken one pain pill," said patient, Tracey Clark-Johnson. "Otherwise, I'm back to normal. We are walking. It's just been minimally interruptive to my schedule."

"The great advantage to the robot is so much better visualization because you have the 3D images, so you don't lose the depth perception that's so hard to learn when you're operating laparoscopy. You can really zoom the camera in, and this way, the surgeon has complete control of the camera," said Dr. Oliver Whipple, M.D.

Doctors say patients usually reach their goal weight within six to nine months, depending on the person.

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