Neighbors reflect after Hinesville child found in pond

Neighbors reflect after Hinesville child found in pond
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HINESVILLE, GA (WTOC) - Neighbors described the moments before they found 3-year-old Ayden Quilter in a pond 200 feet away from his home in Governor's Quarters.

Lindsey Green got emotional when she was asked to describe what she witnessed after a search went on for hours for Quilter, who suffered from autism.

"We were all searching out here for about an hour or two hours before things started winding down," said Green. "They brought the search team out, they didn't bring the dive team but the fire departments were out here and they brought some drones out too."

She says she and her husband were out eating when they got the call that something was going on and a three-year-old was missing. They also have a three-year-old as well who always played with Ayiden , so they say this hit close to home.

"He was just always at the playground," said Green. "My kids always played with him. You could call him by his name and he was just like "huh". He was a very rambunctious three-year-old, a typical three-year-old."

The Greens say that the pond was so deep that even police had to use other tactics to search it.

"They flew a drone up and they kinda went right over the pond and they took it down a little bit and then it went back up and they took it down," said Green. "Then after that, it flew away and they pulled out the rope and we saw somebody get in the water and they started just going around the edge."

Green says that's when everyone saw the officer pull up something red from the pond, which was Ayidens red shirt and camouflage pants.

"All you heard was everyone was handing outside just break down," said Green. "Even the cops and police. Everyone just broke down because everyone was like "no that can't be the baby."

The Greens say this pond has long been a concern for them and others in the neighborhood because it's right beside the playground.

"Something has to be done and something has to be done quick because there are a lot of kids out here that play and we can't have that pond there full of water. It's right next to the park, " Green said.

People in the neighborhood say that they have been talking to the landlords and will be reaching out to the city to see if this pond can be drained, especially after Ayden's death.

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