Practice round held at The Landings for Tour

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Professional golf is making its return to Savannah this week.

Monday's temperatures were less than ideal, but that still didn't stop anyone from going out to practice. They were welcomed by wintry conditions at the Landings, making the Deer Creek course play as tough as it will be all week for the first practice rounds in the Savannah Golf Championship. It showed how much of a test the course can be.

The Tour field is not expecting it to be as cold or as windy when play begins on Thursday, and Deer Creek could play very differently. For a field concentrating on more the layout than the conditions, Monday was still a valuable learning experience.

"Because it's the first time I'm seeing the course, I'm really just trying to see where to miss it and where I will hit my tee ball. I don't necessarily play based on the conditions. I try to hit the ball to a certain spot whether it's into the wind or downwind. For a day like today, it's okay because I'm just getting a feel for everything," said Max Homa, Tour Professional.

Many of the players getting their first look at Deer Creek have been quite impressed with the course conditions, especially the tightly mowed areas around the greens that will allow players to try a variety of shots to save par and could make things more entertaining for the fans.

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