Beach, dune rebuilding project underway on Tybee

Beach, dune rebuilding project underway on Tybee
(Source: WTOC)

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - If you've been to the beach lately, then you may have noticed some heavy equipment. That's because crews are working to replace sand lost during Hurricane Matthew and Irma.

This project is all about restoring the beaches of Tybee Island. A lot of sand was lost from those big storms, and it is desperately needed to protect against any future big storms that may come our way.

The way the project works is the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company will pump sand from an off-shore borrow site. The sand will be placed between Center and Gulick streets on Tybee's north end.

This project is costing $4.8 million and is part of the Federal Shore Protection Project.

WTOC spoke with Tybee Island Mayor Jason Buelterman about this project and how long it will take.

"It's to pump sand on to the beach in the areas that lost the most, specifically from Hurricane Matthew. They're only going to pump for about five days. After that, we're working on a project that will fill in the gaps in our dune system," Buelterman said.

Mayor Buelterman posted the following on his Facebook page regarding the project:

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