City council to vote on future development in Starland District

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A big vote is set to take place Thursday among Savannah's City Council regarding future development in the Starland District.

Council members will decide on whether or not to approve zoning amendments that would allow for future projects.

The developer, Foram Group, has certain plans for the area. But, these plans include certain heights for certain buildings that are usually not allowed for this zoning area.

This is one of the last hurdles for the developer. Earlier this year, developers of what would be known as Starland Village in the city's Thomas Square neighborhood made their case to the Metropolitan Planning Commission. Their view is to add shops, restaurants, residential spaces, and even a parking garage to the area.

The MPC recommended the developer work with the current zoning guidelines with several added text amendments. The MPC approved the amended proposal in a 9 to 2 vote. Now, the proposal sits in front of Savannah City Council.

Mayor Eddie DeLoach says he believes the development would serve the area well.

"I know there are going to be some misgivings about what we've got going on here and I understand that and I want people to know we've all studied this thing and looked at it hard. And, I just feel that this is an opportunity to really develop that area," Mayor DeLoach said.

City council is expected to vote on the proposal Thursday afternoon. Of course, WTOC will be there and we'll provide you with the very latest on-air and online.

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