Savannah City Council takes steps to preserve historical homes in Ardsley Park

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Neighborhood Association took the first step Thursday to prevent the destruction of historical homes.

Soon, the Ardsley Park and Ardmore neighborhood could be considered a conversation district. This decision seems to be fully backed. Most of the attitudes at City Hall were that it's time for this protection.

"This is in response to something the neighborhood has needed for 100 years, and that is historical preservation. We recognize our context in the city of Savannah and that we require historic protection to move forward in the next 100 years," said Nick Palumbo, Ardsley Chatham Crescent Ardmore Neighborhood Association.

Even though the Neighborhood Association has been working on this for months, they believe the National Landmark District's threatened status is an ideal time to remind all communities to be proactive in preserving Savannah neighborhoods.

"Think of it is a preservation light and preservation for the rest of us, so we know we are not ready for the strict standards you'd see downtown, but we are ready to acknowledge the historic homes in our neighborhood are worthy of protection."

Alderman Julian Miller has supported this proposal from the beginning, along with neighbors, sending in 34 letters of support.

"There are other districts that have a much more stringent clause in place. This one is rather mild compared to those. It's just to protect those structures," Alderman Miller said.

The clause would not hinder new renovations or new development.

"This neighborhood wants to protect itself, so they came up with this. It has no effect unless you have a historically-significant structure that you want to tear down."

The zoning hearing passed with flying colors with no real debate.

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