UPDATE: Suspect arrested after leaving scene of 3-vehicle crash on Hwy 80 near Tybee Island

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - UPDATE: John Richard was arrested Monday, April 2 by U.S. Marshals.

Traffic was shut down on Tybee Island for almost four hours Thursday afternoon after a 34-year-old man caused a serious crash and then left in another car.

Georgia State Patrol is looking for John Richard after they say he left the scene while one man was trapped in his car. Investigators say he got out of his crashed truck and got into the car behind him, which was his friend who was test driving the car.

Savannah Police tell us Richard has an extensive criminal history with 10 charges since 2009, mostly battery and disorderly conduct charges. GSP says Richard does not have a valid driver's license, and that could have played a role in the hit and run.

"We entered the apartment. He was not there. His wife and children were there, and he said he had been there but left because he knew we were looking for him," said GSP Trooper, Dustin Stone. "We were able to recover the car and we're still looking for him."

Richard was trying to turn left on Highway 80 going away from the island when he hit an oncoming car headed to Tybee.

"The white Nissan hit the white Chevrolet that pulled out in front of it," Trooper Stone said. "The white Nissan jumped the curb, crossed the median, and began to overturn."

The trooper says that's when the second car hit the third car - a white Buick Enclave - leaving three injured. For a hit and run felony, it's up to five years prison time.

"The two who were taken by ground ambulance were seriously injured," said Chuck Kearns, Chatham Emergency Services. "The one that we had to extricate from the pickup truck, cutting the roof off and trying to get that person out of there, he was pretty serious, even critical condition."

Memorial Hospital gave us an update that the driver of the Buick SUV was released, but there is no update on the driver who was airlifted with a critical head trauma.

Traffic was majorly backed up, shutting down Highway 80 for hours, making it hard for emergency responders to get there.

"The emergency responding vehicles couldn't get out there, so we had to go down the wrong side of the road passing lines of cars to be able to get to the scene. I had to do that myself," Kearns said.

This isn't a new problem. Officials say when a wreck happens on Tybee, it requires the shutdown of Highway 80.

"I completely support the mayor of Tybee in his ways to widen that road. It would make our job safer and a lot easier," Kearns said.

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