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Set of 'Gemini Man' transforming city of Glennville

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(Source: WTOC) (Source: WTOC)

You know you're important when you get to play yourself in a movie. 

One Tattnall County city gets to do just that. Film crews with Gemini Man will shoot major parts of the project in Glennville, but the iconic small town won't look exactly like itself. Crews are transforming Glennville to the fictional town of...Glennville. They're putting the finishing touches on a liquor store they'be built from scratch. Other buildings have been remodeled with fresh paint or fresh rust to fit the theme. The bank will portray a high school. 

Jessica Kennedy has watched the work from her downtown shop as one thing after another changed. 

"They said, 'if you think we're busy now, wait a couple of weeks. You won't recognize it when you come to work. They didn't lie," Kennedy said. "They have been nonstop from morning to nighttime. When I leave here in the evening and come back in the morning, they have even more stuff done."

The movie story finds Will Smith as an aging hitman returning to his small town roots. Local folks figure they'll see stunts and explosions played out on parts of the set. Many plan on watching as much as they can. 

"A small southern town getting its name in the limelight is really cool - especially to be a part of it," said Andrew Micklos, Glennville. 

Jessica loves the idea that Glennville gets to play itself. 

"We travel to different places and they ask where you're from. You say 'Glennville,' and you usually have to say 'not far from Savannah.' Now, we'll be able to say 'Glennville, where the Gemini Man movie was shot," she said. 

Jessica and others can't wait until they see it all on the big screen. 

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