Woman arrested for threatening Savannah elementary school in video

(Source: YouTube)
(Source: YouTube)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah Police arrested a 55-year-old woman Friday for creating and posting a video of a shooting threat at an elementary school.

Teresa Richardson is charged with dissemination of acts related to terroristic threats after posting a video on Youtube titled "Shooting Godley Station School with Machine Gun Adventures Street View." Richardson admitted to creating the video as an expression of her right to free speech.

The video shows footage of Godley Station Elementary School's grounds with machine gun fire playing in the background. Richardson also gives the middle finger and uses obscene language directed at teachers and students in the video.

"Hearing about this video makes me nervous for students because the school is supposed to be a safe place for the students and now it's not," said Lyndsey, a teacher. "And that's not OK."

"It's really scary," said parent Heather B. "You hear about it on the news all the time for other places, but it here. It just makes you wonder why is this school being targeted. Our kids go there. Just as we've been doing, always be aware of our surroundings and just like the first person that saw the video, report it immediately."

It is illegal for anyone to use a computer to share a terroristic threat. Savannah Police officers and Board of Education Police officers handled the investigation together.

"We take these threats seriously, and as soon as we learned about them, we immediately assigned investigators to investigate these threats," Chief Mark Revenew said. "Anyone who makes threats to our schools and the potential safety of them will be investigated thoroughly and dealt with appropriately."

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