Parents concerned that woman threatening Godley Station School released on bond

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Students and teachers at one Chatham County school are coming back from spring break today to find heightened security after a video surfaced containing threats against the school, students and teachers.

Teresa Richardson, 55, was arrested Friday after a YouTube video surfaced showing a Google Street View of Godley Station School with gunshot noises edited in the background.

Despite the arrest, parents are still very nervous about the whole ordeal.

There was an increased police presence around the school this morning. Board of Education police were at the school this afternoon.

Teresa Richardson admitted to police that she made the video titled "Shooting Godley Station School with Machine Gun Adventures Street View." She claimed it was an expression of her right to free speech.

But local and federal police took notice, and officers from the Savannah Police Department arrested Richardson and charged her with Dissemination of Acts Related to Terroristic Threats.

Parents are not only concerned about the nature of the threat. They're bothered by the fact that Richardson was bailed out Saturday morning for $1,300 and is home now. WTOC attempted to visit Richardson's residence, but no one answered.

A mother of two students who attend the school says she pulled her kids out of the classroom today because the threat made her feel uneasy. We are not identifying the mother at her request. 

"Kind of talked to each other and said you know I feel very uncomfortable keeping our children at school today," she said. "Because it is so fresh, and she was released, that might be fuel to the fire. My other concern is maybe she's not a threat, but it's giving somebody else and idea."

Perhaps what frightened her most was that her son recognized Richardson.

"I spoke with my children about this morning," she said. "I said. 'I'm very concerned, but it seems to be handled.' And, when I mentioned her name, my son said, 'oh I know her,' and mentioned an incident that happened on school property where she had been filming the eighth grade students on the play yard."

She said Richardson was escorted away after that incident.

In addition to today's security, the school district is looking to take another step against the accused in this case.

Richardson's social media history

After doing some digging online, WTOC found that Richardson is no stranger to social media and posting YouTube videos.

On one of Richardson's YouTube channels she's gathered a large number of followers with videos on crocheting. She was even the subject of a 2011 Forbes online article for her social media presence.

As for the post that landed Richardson in hot water, she says it was an expression of her free speech. The mother WTOC interviewed, however, didn't buy that.

"It's threatening children," she said. "It's threatening somebody else's safety. I don't believe that's free speech."

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