Man returning home from working on Will Smith movie set saves woman from burning motor home

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Authorities say one person is dead and another person suffered burns after an accident involving a motorhome that caught fire off of I-95 in Colleton County Thursday night.

When crews arrived on scene, they found the motorhome and woods in the median on ire. According to emergency officials, the vehicle left the roadway and went into the median where it struck several trees and burst into flames.

A bystander, Tim Hunley, was on his way home from working on the set of actor Will Smith's movie, Gemini Man, and pulled an  injured woman from the vehicle. He says, when he ran to the scene to help, what he found was disheartening.

"It was twisted metal. You couldn't recognize a cab of a vehicle, where someone might be in there," Hunley said.

Hunley said he hesitated until he noticed movement from inside the motorhome.

"I see a woman and at first I'm thinking I can't go in there I'm going to die," he said. "It's on fire, it's going to blow up at any second. She looks up and she sees me and locks eyes with me, and at that point you're telling yourself you can't. You can't leave that poor woman there to die."

He then unbuckled her seatbelt, took her in his arms, and did what he could to pull her from the flames. She left the wreckage with 30 to 40 percent third-degree burns, according to Colleton fire chief Barry McRoy.

"She was really slippery from her burns and the blood on her body," Hunley said.

CCFR officials say a CARE Flight helicopter arrived on the scene to fly the injured person to the Augusta Burn Center.

At one point all traffic in the area was stopped as crews responded to the scene.

Responding personnel reported finding the passenger of the vehicle, but were not able to locate the driver initially. A search then begun which led to the discovery of the deceased person inside the cab of the motorhome.

Hunley said he is not a religious man, but does believe God has a plan and his purpose that day was part of it.

"I think he might have had me here in Savannah to be on 95 that day to help someone in need," he said.

Authorities say the woman was from Tampa, Florida, and remains in the hospital.

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