Savannah native to play in second Masters Tournament

Savannah native to play in second Masters Tournament

AUGUSTA, GA (WTOC) - The 82nd Masters Tournament is almost a home game for one player in the field.

Savannah's Brian Harman grew up just a couple of hours from Augusta National and is playing in his second Masters this week.

Harman heads into the week feeling relaxed - a lot more so than his first Masters in 2015 - when he said he was almost in a panic because he wanted to play well. Now, because he has played so well for so long, he actually feels less pressure to do so.

His first Masters was all about the experience of being there, but Brian Harman's return to Augusta National this week is more of a business trip.

"For me, my goals are to get a good night's sleep, eat three meals a day, stay in the moment. The rest of it seems to take care of itself," Harman said.

The Savannah native is a different player as he prepares for his second Masters three years after his first - now a two-time PGA Tour winner, ranked 23rd in the world and in contention almost every week he plays after a breakout 2017 session.

He also led last year's U.S. Open through three rounds before finishing second - easily his best major championship performance - and once the nation's top-ranked junior player, he says he feels no different being a major figure in the game.

"Well, I used to be one of those guys, but I'm comfortable in my own skin. I'm comfortable with what I'm doing. I feel like I get more comfortable in those positions than I am trying to keep my tour card or trying to just barely get by," he said. "As you start playing a little better, you are not worried about not playing well, I guess. So, I felt more comfortable this year than I have in other years."

Last year's Open showed Harman the majors are different than other events.

"Yeah, you have to leave way earlier to get to the golf course. I mean, the majors are what everybody is tuning in to watch. It's really hard to win any week on tour and these majors are something else. It's a busy week, so for me, the more normal I can make it, the better I am."

And the better he will be able to take care of business.

"You know, I play against these guys every week. There are only 120 to 140 of us on the tour, so it's the same guys. Somebody asked me about the Open and I said it didn't feel that huge to me because it's the same guys every week, and to me, that's kind of comforting."

Growing up in Georgia, Brian always assumed the Masters was his favorite major championship, but as he has had a chance to play them all during his career, he has found them all to be unique and special.

Like any professional, the most important major to Harman is always the next one to be played.

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