City increases Savannah PD's Central Precinct budget

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah City Council passed a motion to increase the construction budget for the Savannah Police Department's Central Precinct Project.

After breaking ground two months ago, Carol Moon, the project manager, says crews hit a major unexpected clean-up underground.

"It's an unknown condition until they actually get out here, start moving the dirt around, and see what the soil condition is," Moon said.

When they started digging into the ground work, they found trash and household items like a washing machine buried in the ground.

"These were obviously residential structures that were here back when they were here, I think in the 1930s," Moon said. "You can imagine over that amount of years what is going to be found in the soil underneath."

Surrounding businesses like "Kings N Queens" car wash say they have already seen a change. They want this project to revamp the neighborhood and make everyone feel safer.

"It's going to be a great benefit," Scott said. "You can't look at a plus as a loss. It's a plus for everybody. It means change is good. It's going to benefit everybody in the long run."

Moon says you'll start to see even more of a change in the next few months.

"They are starting to stake out the building corners and certain key elements of the building," Moon said. "After that, they are going to start foundation work in April, so you'll start to see things coming out of the ground. It's really exciting."

For now, the city says the project is on time with the central precinct being ready to go in April 2019.

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