President Street work to be completed by May

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - With around 30,000 cars traveling along President Street each day, many drivers are ready for the President Street Project to wrap up - and that wish may be coming true soon.

Zack Hoffman, Project Manager of the President St. Project, says one of the goals was to complete all of the lane configurations by sometime in April. That goal is looking like it will be met within the next few weeks, but finishing touches could last until May 31.

Hoffman says one more westbound lane needs to be surfaced with asphalt. Crews also need to complete some bridge work over near the railroad tracks and some sidewalk work along the street.

He says there have been obstacles throughout the process, like some cracks in the concrete on the bridge decks. Those are being worked on and Hoffman says he's excited to see it all finished soon.

"I'm happy. I think the project has turned out really good overall. We've gone through a lot of different obstacles along the way and we've gotten through them. I think it's going to look really good as we wrap up some final resurfacing around the job and some sections in the job," Hoffman said.

Businesses along President St. are also excited about the completion of the project.

David's Dry Cleaners has a store located on President St. The general manager says he's heard from several customers who said it was difficult to get in and out of the parking lot, because of the project.

The dry cleaners actually saw an uptick in their delivery service, which could have been due to the number of people wanting to avoid the area.

"We're really excited. We're hoping folks who may have stopped using this location will find their way back. I'm enjoying it because my commute has shortened by several minutes because I can get on and off the parkway a whole lot easier," Tim Faught, General Manager of David Dry Cleaners, said.

Hoffman says the project is under budget, so crews will now use some of the money to repave other areas near President's St.

Some of the areas to be impacted by the repaving includes portions of E. Broad St. between Bay St. and Oglethorpe Ave. That work should begin around April 16.

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