Wet forecast doesn't deter Masters patrons, rain never hit course

AUGUSTA, GA (WTOC) - Folks headed to the course on Wednesday have been watching the weather forecast for the last few days. Luckily, their concerns were all for naught.

The rains that were forecasted for much of the morning at Augusta National never really materialized. There were a few drops here and there, but nothing sustained. Of course, that was a welcomed surprise for the thousands of patrons in Augusta for one of the most popular days to visit during Masters Week.

Most of the people we spoke to Wednesday were prepared for the weather. A majority were wearing their rain jackets and many had their umbrellas handy just in case. The forecasted rain may have kept a few folks away, but most of them say a little rain wasn't going to deter them from taking in The Masters.

"Rain or shine, snow, hail, sleet, hail, whatever; couldn't care less," said Masters patron from New York City, Steve Alpert. "It's warm. I mean. this is ridiculous. I'm a suffering golfer like everybody else, so to watch these guys play like everyone else, it's incredible."

"We're staying all day. We have some ponchos in our bag, so we're good to go," said Masters patron from Roanoke, VA, Amy Jackson.

It turned out to be a nice day. A little overcast and windy at times, but cool and comfortable.

Of course, those who made it out got to see a favorite tradition: the Par 3 contest.

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