Car crashes into condo, 4 passengers flee

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A car crashed early on Saturday morning on La Roche Avenue and Nottingham Drive. Witnesses said it happened around 5:00 a.m. when a sedan hit the side of a Fiddler's Crossing condo.

Alton Aimar, President of the Fiddler's Crossing Home Owner's Association, said he didn't wake up to the sound of the crash, but it was a wake-up call that he didn't want.

"One of my board members phoned me at 5:33 and said you need to come outside there's been an accident," Aimar said. "I come outside to fire trucks, police cars and quite a hectic scene."

Chatham County Police said the driver ignored a stop sign, then lost control of the 2004 white Nissan Altima. The sedan side-swiped a tree at the front of the complex flipping it on its side and crashing in between another tree and the condo building. That's when the car caught on fire and residents responded fast to help.

"Our residents came out and the car was on fire. They came out with fire extinguishers," Aimar said. "We went through five fire extinguishers I understand and they put the fire out before the fire department got here, so that is a good thing that the building did not catch on fire."

CCPD says four people in their early 20s crawled out of the car and ran away.  So far, no injuries have been reported. Many residents amazed no one was hurt after seeing how damaged the vehicle was.

"When I was told that four occupants got out of that vehicle and ran, the fact that they got out to begin with much less that they left the scene was amazing to me," Aimar said. "There was very little of the car intact. The roof was crumpled in. The front was completely destroyed and all the airbags you could tell had been deployed."

CCPD has not released if they are searching for these people or if the car was stolen. However, the owner of the car tells WTOC his car was stolen.

Aimar said as far as the condo complex goes, they are assessing the property damage now.

"If it's cosmetic only it's not going to be that big of a deal," Aimar said. "Of course, the impact alone could have caused structural damage that we can't see. We'll get a contractor out here as soon as possible to assess that."

CCPD says this is an active investigation.

"No one in the unit was hurt," Aimar said. "But had the car been over about three feet, we would be having a completely different story."

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