Münster journalist speaks to WTOC about deadly attack

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Investigators in Germany do not believe the suspect who drove a van into a popular Münster restaurant is linked to any terror groups.

The suspect was among three people killed. Twenty others were injured in the attack over the weekend.

WTOC spoke to a local journalist who says the community is trying to find some peace and comfort knowing it wasn't an act of terror. There have been several vehicle-related attacks in Europe over the last couple of years. Many of them were tied to radical terrorist groups.

Investigators still haven't released the suspect's identity in this case, but according to the local journalist, investigators believe the suspect had some mental health issues. Claudia Kramer-Santel is a senior foreign affairs editor at one of the top newspapers in the region. She says she had just been shopping in the area Saturday afternoon, about an hour before the attack.

"Everything was fine. People were sitting there. It was sunny," Kramer-Santel said. "It was a total shock for us. Then the news got around very quickly. All of the editors started gathering information. You know, something like this in Münster is not typical. It's a quiet place, a nice town, a university town."

She says Germany has started using cement barricades more often following the deadly attack at the Berlin Christmas Market in 2016, but they usually put up for special events, so there were no barricades around this particular location in Münster.

The community gathered on Sunday to remember and pray for the victims. Five people are still in the hospital.

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