WTOC Investigates: The director of the End Gun Violence program has resigned

WTOC Investigates: The director of the End Gun Violence program has resigned

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Chatham County District Attorney has pulled the trigger on its search for a new director for the End Gun Violence: Step Forward Program.

That's because the initiative's most recent director, Reverend George Lee III, submitted his resignation just days ago after less than a year on the job.

We confirmed with the District Attorney's Office that Lee resigned, and also that the search for his replacement will begin soon. We're still working to uncover the reason behind the resignation. We do know that Lee was placed on administrative leave by the DA's office about a month ago following a traffic stop that ended with Lee facing a DUI charge.

Lee was the second director of the relatively young initiative that Savannah city leaders point to as being one of the main reasons violent crime is down in the city. While little is known about the reason behind the resignation, one city of Savannah leader we spoke to is confident the program will continue to perform.

"The truth of the matter is that no one person is the key to this program anymore. It is so huge, so gargantuan, and has been so successful that it's going to keep moving on its own inertia," said District 4 Alderman, Julian Miller.

Miller pointed to quick arrests in the five homicides so far this year as a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness of End Gun Violence. The alderman says he's not concerned about the lapse in the leadership role, adding that End Gun Violence is bigger than just one person.

"It's a hitch in the get along, but it's just a hitch on the get along. We'll start smoothing this out very quickly if it's not already moved out, because everybody else is continuing to work with the program," Miller said.

We've made several requests for information about the resignation to the DA's office and scope of Reverand Lee's role with End Gun Violence. As soon as we have new details, we'll pass those along to you.

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