Dru Love playing in his first RBC Heritage

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - Rain fell on the practice rounds at the 50th RBC Heritage on Tuesday but didn't totally dampen the spirits at Harbour Town, especially on this milestone week for the area's PGA Tour event.

The tournament holds a special place in the heart of PGA Tour professionals because it's a great week to decompress in a resort setting after the season's first major championship in Augusta. It's also a week when a lot of players enjoy bringing their young children along to enjoy Hilton Head.

Davis Love III is learning this week that the Heritage can be a pretty special place to bring an adult child as well. The Love family history has had plaid woven through it since even before the first of Davis Love III's five Heritage victories.

"I was at the first one with my Dad, watching him. I don't remember much because I was five," said Davis Love III.

Another Harbour Town memory will be made for the Loves this week as Davis plays his 30th Heritage accompanied by his son, Dru, who is in the field for the first time on a sponsor's exemption, attempting to glean as much of his father's unique Heritage expertise and perspective as he can.

"Last night, I went over my Monday Pro-am with him, and Mike Holbert who has played a lot here too, I told him what I hit and where I hit it and he told me five things I should have done differently," Dru said.

Davis was 23 when he earned his first PGA Tour win at the 1987 Heritage - one year younger than Dru is now. Dru wasn't born until his father already had three tartan blazers. He was 10 years old the last time Davis won, so he doesn't have a firm recollection of many Heritage Sundays on which Love conquered all.

"To be honest, the only thing I remember from when I was young is going into that house they had on 10 and getting milkshakes and catching back up on number 12. I'm honored to be here. It's always been one of my family's favorite tournaments, my mom's favorite for sitting by the beach and the pool, and my favorite for watching golf. It's always been a pleasure to get to play, get inside the ropes," Dru said.

And to try to get Davis to choose between pulling for his own sixth Heritage win or his son's first career victory.

"That's a tough one. I'll be pulling hard for him and a bunch of other young guys I've seen come along, but it would be thrilling to watch him win one. He needs it a little more than me right now. I can play next week," Love said.

"I can promise if we're side by side coming down 18, he's going to do everything he can to beat me," Dru said.

"Definitely, but I'll still be pulling for you," his dad said.

The Loves are the first family to have three generations play in the Heritage, although the Haases come close. Father and son Jay and Bill have both competed at Harbour Town, while Jay's father-in-law, Bob Golby, won the second event in 1970.

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