Walgreens possibly coming to Broughton Street

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A new business petition for one downtown Savannah building will bring a retail pharmacy giant to the Historic District.

Walgreens is making plans for the building located at 300 West Broughton Street to be one of its next locations.

There is no definite word yet on when the new store will open, but just the news of a business potentially occupying the space seems to resonate with folks in a good way.

The City of Savannah Historic District Board of Review was presented with the petition from an architect company out of Jacksonville, FL on Wednesday. The building was constructed in 1854, and modifications were made to it in the 1930s and 60s. If Walgreens wants to move into the building, they must meet certain conditions recommended by the city.

With such a large name business coming to the area, parking and more traffic would be a possible concern. However, for one business owner on Broughton Street, he's excited about the potential new neighbors.

"Seeing the street revitalized and all these large businesses come back to town is wonderful," said Phillip Howe, Gamechangers Running Company, Owner. "I think it's good for the economy and good for everyone that comes to Savannah."

"I think that any business geared toward residents is a good thing. I think we need more things that will cater to residents and the residential population," said Melinda Allen, Downtown Neighborhood Association, President.

Almost 30 years ago on Broughton Street, almost 70 percent of the buildings were vacant.

"I think growth is a good thing as far as bringing in new businesses to the area, and like I said, particularly if the businesses are going to have interaction with the local community and not just the tourist community."

That's something Howe agrees with.

"For instance, when I travel out of town, we hit grocery stores and just buy those things you would normally pick up at a convenience store at a little bit more economical price," he said.

Howe's business has been on Broughton Street for a short time, but he's thrilled to hear of Walgreens potentially moving to his neck of the woods.

"Foot traffic for this area is good for all the businesses," he said.

We'll keep you updated on the progress.

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