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Hurricane Katrina

Find Gulf Coast Evacuees


Find Family National Call Center
A national toll-free number has been established for people who may have lost family members during Hurricane Katrina. Concerned relatives who have been searching more than 4 or 5 days and are unable to find a missing loved one should call the Find Family National Call Center at 1-866-326-9393. 

If you're looking for an evacuee from the Gulf Coast evacuations, try:

Email. Some evacuees have access to the internet and may be able to check their email.

Text messaging. While cell phone voice service is disrupted, text messages are often getting through.

Online postings. Some blogs and bulletin boards have been set up specifically to help reunite evacuees with friends and family. Some allow picture posting. Here are a few:

    *Katrina Safe,
    *National Center for Missing and Exploited Children,
    *Family News Network of the International Committee of the Red Cross,
    *Official government Katrina site,
    *Help Unite People message boards,
    *Craig's List
            -New Orleans,
    *New Orleans Refugees blog,
    *Katrina Survivors,
    *Connect Katrina,
    *Find Our Family,


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