Elders and youth come together at tech workshop

Elders and youth come together at tech workshop
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A local church is bringing their youth and older members together to learn new things.

The elders of Asbury Memorial United Methodist Church are learning more about technology from the youth. Participants worked with devices like iPhones, Ipads, and tablets work.

The Reverand of the church says it is a big help to him too.

"One of the things that is wonderful about this is seeing this intergenerational event where they're working with each other," said Rev. Billy Hester. "And if you notice the looks on people's faces, they are very confused. So the people in my generation and older, we need help with our computers. These kids are wizards and they're creating magic here. And it's coming to life for older folks who don't know about technology like myself."

Everyone gathered together right after their Sunday service. This was their 2nd year doing this.

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