Annual Blessing of the Fleet held in McIntosh County

Annual Blessing of the Fleet held in McIntosh County
(Source: WTOC)

MCINTOSH CO., GA (WTOC) - At least 30,000 people headed to Darien on Sunday to watch this year's blessing of the fleet.

Three days of festivities wrapped up with the shrimping boats being blessed before they head out for a new shrimping season. The Blessing of the Fleet in Darien is the largest on the east coast.

The ships were blessed on the Darien River by priests of different denominations, marking 50 years for the tradition.

"The income of the community to see the blessings, to see the safety of the men and woman that goes upon the waters," said Jerome Ellzy, the senior pastor of First Credit Hill Baptist Church. "It's for the community as a whole, every nationality, every individual, every person is blessed by this. Every business is blessed by this.'

The event also had an art show, arts and crafts, a YMCA 5-K, a classic car show, and so much more.

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