Consider This: Savannah Music Festival wraps up in incredible new venue

Consider This: Savannah Music Festival wraps up in incredible new venue
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SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - On Saturday the Savannah Music Festival successfully dropped the curtain on this year's two week festival.

For 29 years now, the Savannah Music Festival has been bringing world class musicians, along with their fans from near and far to the Hostess City. An economic and cultural boon has been the results of what Rob Gibson and his team work so hard to produce year after year.

But, on Saturday, at the festival's 11-hour outdoor mega-finale, Jason Isbel and the Tedeschi Trucks were headliners, but the real star was the venue in which they performed.

After nearly five years and multi-million dollars in investments and improvements, Charles Morris was able to hold a coming out party for Savannah's newest jewel, the revitalized Trustee's Garden and Kehoe Iron Works.

With majestic views of the river and picture-perfect Chamber of Commerce weather Saturday, Savannah finally got what it's been lacking for years now, an outdoor venue capable of hosting known acts and the fan base needed to make it financially feasible.

Consider this: when James Oglethorpe established the Georgia Trust in 1734 and set aside the 10-acres of land for the Trustee's Garden, his goal was to create an agricultural tract that would ease the dependence on European trade for a multitude of products. That experiment didn't last 10 years.

When Charles Morris began acquiring the land his goal, in his words, was to give back to the city something that would be socially, financially and environmentally sustainable so it will last for generations.

After Saturday's performance, clearly Charles Morris did something James Oglethorpe couldn't… he made a successful enterprise of the Trustees Garden.

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