Shorter's Family Sues Former Miss Savannah for Wrongful Death

Phyllis Shorter and attorney Jeff Laskey
Phyllis Shorter and attorney Jeff Laskey

The former Miss Savannah, Nikki Redmond, will be going back to court. Redmond was acquitted in March on all charges in the shooting death of her boyfriend, Kevin Shorter. But will that be the case when she stands trial in civil court?

This afternoon, Kevin Shorter's parents filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the former beauty queen. They told us justice had not been served and they want to make sure the former Miss Savannah doesn't get away with killing their son.

In March, Redmond walked out of court a free woman, but for the parents who lost their son, the verdict meant one thing.

"She got away with murder," said Daniel Shorter, Kevin's father. "So any time she would go and shoot my son from behind and he didn't have anything to protect himself, I felt like we should get justice."

Speaking out for the first time since Redmond's acquittal, the Shorters say they just want to clear their son's good name. "He was not the animal they portrayed my son to be and it's time that everybody knows the truth about Kevin," said Phyllis Shorter, Kevin's mother.

Suing Redmond for wrongful death, Kevin Shorter's parents say justice was not served during Redmond's criminal trial.

"After the criminal trial, the Shorters heard a tremendous number of rumors about all of the book and movie deals being pursued by Nicole Redmond," said their attorney Jeff Laskey.

According to Laskey, they also want to make sure the former Miss Savannah doesn't doesn't make a profit on the death of their son.

"The Shorters believe that absolutely no one should ever profit off the killing of another human being and the Shorters want to make sure that Miss Redmond never ever gets one penny from what she did to their son Kevin," he said.

We did speak with Michael Schiavone, the attorney who defended Nikki Redmond during her criminal trial. He will accept the case if Redmond wants him as council again. She has 30 days to respond to this lawsuit. We will keep you posted as this case makes its way through the court system.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen,