Artifacts Uncovered at Battle of Savannah Site

There's been a major historical discovery in Savannah. Archaeologists with the nonprofit Coastal Heritage Society have discovered remains from the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah near MLK, Jr., Blvd. at Louisville Road. So far, the team has unearthed portions of an earthwork fortification called the Spring Hill Redoubt.

They found six American or French musket balls and the brass portion of a pistol. Eight hundred people were killed or wounded on the site in fierce fighting on October 9, 1779.

"Very, very bloody," said archaeologist Rita Elliott. "A lot of people lost their lives here. A lot of people died defending the earthworks and attacking the earthworks, so it's a very very historical piece of property we're standing on."

Artifacts will eventually be displayed in a museum onsite. When the archaeological work is finished, construction of the public Battlefield Park will proceed.

Reported by: Sonny Dixon,