Don't Be a Victim: Identity theft

Don't Be a Victim: Identity theft
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The Equifax Data Breach is estimated to have affected nearly 150 million consumers - a breach that could cause problems for years.

In this week's 'Don't Be a Victim' report, we talked to one cyber expert who calls privacy the biggest issue of our time.

"We are going to be dealing with this for the next 100 years on the dark web as cybercriminals slice and dice lists of identities and just sell them over and over," said Kevin Fream, Cybersecurity Author.

That's the ominous prediction from Kevin Fream - co-author of Easy Prey, a book about protecting yourself from data breaches and cybercrime.

"If we don't step up and be proactive about our privacy, we are all going to be the victims of identity theft," he said.

Fream says that in the wake of the Equifax and other data breaches that you need to be on the offensive when it comes to protecting your personal information. One of the first steps is freezing your credit report.

"And there's a big disconnect that they think it affects all their other accounts and it does not, so that's a huge one."

While you can never truly erase anything off the internet, Fream says you should be proactive about shutting down old social media accounts.

"Anything else that is kind of dead that you don't want out there because the less that there is for folks to find and there is for criminals to use against you is all the better."

Fream also says it's a good idea to set up a Google alert for your name. It's a simple way of tracking possible identity theft.

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