Mom battling cancer running Komen race

Mom battling cancer running Komen race

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Runners are getting ready for The 2018 Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

WTOC spoke to one runner who is currently battling breast cancer, and crossing the finish line on Saturday represents more than just the victory of finishing the race.

Joyce Williams has been battling breast cancer for almost a year, but she will complete her final treatment next week, within days of the Komen Race. Ringing a bell after every cancer treatment is just part of the encouragement and motivation that Joyce Williams has turned to in her journey fighting breast cancer. It's been almost a year since this wife and mom of two young girls got the news.

"Breast cancer was something other people had to worry about, not me," Williams said.

She had no family history but she was determined cancer was not going to change the history of her family.

"I've been through every treatment you can do for breast cancer," she said. "I know that I've done everything to be here as long as possible. That's my plan."

Over the last year, the community has rallied and cheered her on, even raising money in her honor.

"I want other women to be able to hear what I heard," Williams said. "My doctor said, 'treatable and curable.' She was able to tell me that because of early detection, so when my neighborhood did this huge event and gave me all of the funds, my husband and I turned it around and gave it to Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia. It was enough to have 22 other women have mammograms as a result."

Williams' message doesn't stop there. She's been writing about her journey and hopes to get her book published when she's done.

"Know your body and be proactive, that's point one," she said. "And then point two is, when life gets you down, stand back up again."

This Saturday, she will not only be standing but running in the Komen Race.

"My whole journey through cancer, this journey through the race, when I get to the finish line, I didn't do it alone," Williams said.

When she finishes her last treatment next week, she's promised her two girls that they will celebrate with a cookie cake.

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