Cellmate testifies against suspect in Army captain murder trial

Cellmate testifies against suspect in Army captain murder trial
(Source: WTOC)

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Wednesday brought new testimony in the murder trial of Deon Monroe Jones - the man accused of shooting and killing Army Captain Scott Corwin back in 2004.

Taking the stand was Jones' cellmate in federal prison, who said Jones shared information with him about crimes he committed. James was doing time in a federal prison in South Carolina in 2006 when paired in a cell with Gregory Seabrook. Wednesday was the second time Seabrook has testified against Jones, offering information he says Jones told him while in prison. Jones was in prison on charges of possession of a firearm and ammunition as a convicted felon.

During their time together, Seabrook testified Jones talked about two times he shot people during attempted robberies - one of those instances more frequently than the other. Seabrook detailed for jurors that incident, saying Jones went downtown and confronted a white man who tried to resist during the robbery attempt. It's that crime the prosecution is trying to prove is Jones' interaction with Corwin, leading to the murder.

"When he says the guy bucked the robbery, did he tell you what happened next," ADA Isabel Pauley, prosecutor, asked?

"He shot him," Seabrook said.

"Did he tell you what Kelly did," Pauley asked?

"He said he shot the guy and the guy fell, and that's when Kelly went in his pockets," Seabrook said.

In this case, Kelly is the woman who was allegedly with Jones at the time. She also took the stand Wednesday.

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