Witness in Army captain murder trial says defendant intimidated him before testimony

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - Day three in the murder trial of a man accused of shooting an Army captain in downtown Savannah gets off to a slow start Thursday.

Deon Monroe Jones is charged with malice and felony murder in the 2004 shooting death of Scott Corwin.

One of the state's witnesses called an investigator on the case to say he had been intimidated by Jones while in a holding area on Wednesday.

Christopher Jackman was introduced to the jury as an inmate who previously served time in a South Carolina federal prison about 10 years ago. During that time, Jackman testified that Jones told him about scoping out the downtown Savannah area for targets to rob, and mentioned one time he shot a man, while then-16-year-old Kelly Bigham went through the victim's pockets.

As for Jones' alleged actions Wednesday, Jackman described what happened while in a holding room waiting to be transported to the courthouse for the trial.

"When they called my name, Deon runs up to the window," Jackman said.

"Now where was Mr. Jones?" asked prosecutor, ADA Isabel Pauley.

"Separated from me, but in a room across from me, but he was able to see me, so he started jumping up and down, banging on the glass saying 'Jackman, you a snitch! You this, you that. You gonna get what you got coming, you a snitch! Hey! He's a snitch! He's the one that telling on me! He's the one that's telling everything that I did! He's a snitch!' That's what Deon said to me."

The jury heard that portion of testimony and more, including what Jackson says Jones told him while they were locked up in prison about 10 years ago. Jackman explained to jurors that Jones told him he targeted an area downtown Savannah looking for rich white people to rob, and detailed one occasion where he shot a man.

Jones' attorney, Richard Darden, asked why Jackman sat on that information so long. Jackman said he did tell investigators what he knew at one point without knowing one of the alleged incidents ended in a murder.

"Because Deon never said that anybody was murdered in 2008. He said that there was another shooting that happened days before in that same location," Jackman said.

The State is trying to prove one of the two instances several federal inmates who did time with Jones in the past and said Jones bragged about in their testimony is the 2004 fatal shooting of Army Captain Scott Corwin. Prosecutors anticipate being finished calling witnesses on Friday and giving the defense their turn after they break for lunch.

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