Good News: Great Savannah cleanup

Good News: Great Savannah cleanup
(Source: WTOC)

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Savannah is once again starting to clean itself up.

The kickoff Thursday to the Great Savannah Cleanup is an initiative in which the city offers free bulk debris removal from homes and private property. The city will schedule pickups for various neighborhoods every Saturday in May, but they got a head start this week at the Bacon Park transfer station on Skidaway Road.

Neighborhoods must register with the city for a pickup day, and debris should be placed in your regular track pickup area.

"It's an opportunity that we can't afford to miss if we want to get rid of debris or things that we are tired of or have no further use for but don't want to pay to have these things removed from our property," said Carol Bell, Savannah City Council, Post 1 at-large.

Items such as paint, electronics, and construction materials are not included in the cleanup and will not be picked up by the city.

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