Tim's Take: Tarantula burgers

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Tarantulas can make people climb up on a table, but now they're showing up on the tables themselves.

A tarantula burger is a scary reality now, although not one I would be willing to try anytime soon.

There are plenty of perfectly good toppings to put on a burger. Spiders are not on that list.

Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, NC has apparently run out of ideas for sensible trimmings, because they have started offering a tarantula burger - which is exactly what it sounds like - a burger with a tarantula on it.

"I was reading about how in Cambodia, folks will eat tarantulas there when the rain season comes, they come out of their burroughs. They mix them with salt and sugar and they cook them on the street and they become a street food. (One that might be best left on the street, or in the dark corners where we hope to never see a tarantula, let alone order one.)

"It's very crunchy. The legs are very dry, but it tasted really good. I would eat it again. They are organically raised on a farm. They eat organic crickets."

That doesn't really help the sales pitch, but Bull City doesn't have any problem selling the creepy crawly accompaniments.

"We only get about 15 tarantulas a year, so we decided to start a lottery system. You come in, fill out a lottery ticket, and if we draw your number, you get to eat one of the 15,"

That's not a lottery I'll be entering, because if I want something crunchy to add flavor to a burger, I'll stick with bacon.

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