Orange Crush weekend bringing big crowds, police presence

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Big crowds are expected on Tybee Island this weekend as spring breakers flock to the Georgia coast for what is considered Orange Crush weekend.

There will be a large police presence in the area throughout the weekend, from traffic enforcement to hired help from jurisdictions around the area.

Most of the hotels on Butler Avenue, Tybee's main strip, have hired off-duty workers from all around to enforce their rules and to make sure spring breakers are staying safe.

"To keep things safe, you really do need to increase your law enforcement presence, so that's what we're doing out here on Tybee today," said Gena Bilbo, Effingham County Sheriff's Office.

Bilbo will be working off-duty security this weekend. One thing off-duty, hired officers are looking for are wristbands each hotel gives to room occupants, to make sure hotel customers aren't trying to fit more people in the room than they're supposed to. Another thing all officers will be looking for and enforcing as much as possible is the ban on drinking in public spaces, including on the beach.

"Well, we want people to have fun, just like over St. Patrick's Day. We want people to have a good time, but there are some things that are going on on Tybee this weekend that we have to pay attention to, like the public consumption of alcohol.

Officers are posted up all along Highway 80 leading onto the island as well, including Chatham County Police.

We did confirm that there was a high-speed pursuit on Butler Avenue Friday evening. We're waiting to hear if that person running from police was caught, and why they were running in the first place.

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