88-year-old runner nears milestone

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Ever think that you are too old to try something new? Bill Briggs may change your mind.

It was June 6, 1979, when he took up the hobby of running. Bill was 49 then and hasn't stopped running since. He's 88 now and still going strong.

"I ran 60 marathons and I thought that is pretty good for a guy who thought he was completely non-athletic. And now I like to joke about it and I tell people I'm a born athlete because I have a runny nose and athletes foot, so that qualifies me," Briggs said.

He originally took up running as a way to relieve some of life's stress - and found that and more. Ten years after picking up the sport, he qualified for his first Boston Marathon.

"So, when I run in a race I'm almost always the oldest person there and I like to encourage people who are well up in years to run because I never even thought of it because I am prime example number one of a person who is like that," Briggs said.

An inspiration for people of any age, Bill is closing in on a milestone when it comes to the number of races that he has run.

This past weekend he ran in his 585th race.

"My goal is 600. Then I'll have under my belt 60,000 miles total running. Sixty marathons and 600 races," he said.

And if Bill makes that goal, he says he won't quit.  He'll keep running.

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