36 arrested during Orange Crush weekend

TYBEE ISLAND, GA (WTOC) - Law enforcement officers arrested 36 people during Orange Crush weekend on Tybee Island.

Officers arrested six people on Friday, 20 people on Saturday and 10 people on Sunday, according to numbers released by the Tybee Island Police Department Tuesday.

The Tybee Island Police officers took six guns off of the street, including two from convicted felons, and the Chatham County Sheriff's deputies took four guns off of the street, two of which were stolen.

Breaking down the weapons arrests, police arrested one person for shooting a gun while under the influence, two convicted felons with guns, two people for possession of drugs and weapons, one person for having a controlled substance and a stolen gun, and one person for aggravated assault on an officer.

Both Tybee Island officers and Chatham County Sheriff's deputies seized cash and weapons over the weekend.

Police also arrested five people for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, 14 people for having less than an ounce of marijuana, one for marijuana possession with intent to distribute, two for possession of a controlled substance, two for public intoxication, four for driving with a suspended license or without a license and one for reckless driving.

Tybee Island officers confiscated marijuana, ecstasy, THC Oil, THC cookies and various pills, and Chatham County Sheriff's deputies confiscated marijuana, ecstasy and molly.

Officers gave 104 citations, including two for violating the city's public intoxication ordinance, according to the Tybee Island Police Department as of Tuesday.

The department said with so many other law enforcement agencies helping on the island during Orange Crush weekend, the number of citations issued could increase as those agencies give information to the Tybee Island Police Department.

Both arrests and citation are down this year compared to 2016 Orange Crush, and there was one more arrest this year than in 2017. Citations are down in 2018 compared to 2017.

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