Don't Be a Victim: Scammers targeting millennials

Don't Be a Victim: Scammers targeting millennials

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Our 'Don't Be a Victim' report has called attention to several scams - often aimed at senior citizens.

You may find it surprising that another group falls for these scams more often than others, especially online.

"I felt violated. I really was beside myself and was really most upset that I let myself down," said scam victim, David Sigman.

That was the reaction of 29-year-old David Sigman after falling to fake check fraud - a frequent trick that scammers play on millennials. The Better Business Bureau tracked all scams reported last year and found that 44 percent of those reports came from young victims age 18-34. Of those, more than 70 percent had been scammed online.

"What we are finding is that millennials are accustomed to being on the internet. They trust the internet. They give a lot of their personal information over the internet," said Tim Maniscalo, Central Indiana Better Business Bureau.

They get ripped off more over the internet than other groups do. Forty percent of millennials who reported fraud last year lost money compared to 20 percent of seniors.

No matter your age, there is some important advice to keep in mind when it comes to avoiding online scams. Beware of putting money down to get money back, paying in unusual ways like gift cards, and getting a message out of the blue. Research before taking any action.

"I'd like to think that I'm fairly well educated, and I was completely blindsided," Maniscalo said.

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