Starland Village project continues to push forward

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Starland Village is a $40 million project that would transform the New Covenant United Methodist into a "Live, Work, Play" community.

The Foram Group is the group of developers working to move the project forward; past the Metro Planning Commission and Savannah City Council.

"We had a bigger picture to this project than just an apartment building with retail on the bottom," said Travis Stringer, president of the Foram Group.

He says the group is trying to break stereotypes in the Starland District.

"A developer, a lot of people, think is somebody who just comes in and builds a building, brings someone else in to manage it, and moves on to the next one and builds another project," Stringer said.

Stringer said that's not what his group is about. The project will bring 60 office spaces, around ten artist studios and 90 apartments to the district.

The development has jumped through several hoops. Next, they'll need design review approval from the MPC.

"We've worked through some of those hurdles," Stringer said. "We have to do this impact analysis to see how the parking garage and the event venue and all of these pieces interact with the different streets. There will probably need to be improvements made. All of those things have to be dealt with before we apply for permits."

The process started over two years ago for the Foram Group. Stringer says their eyes have been glued to the community. And Thomas Square Neighborhood Association President, Clinton Edminster, agrees.

"They have set a new bar with what we are expecting when we work with developers in the neighborhood," Edminster said. "If you want to develop something in the neighborhood, we welcome that idea. We welcome that energy, but you are going to have to work with us, and you are going to have to be open and communicative."

They are looking to break ground at the end of summer and be open for business next year. The group said they aren't exactly sure how many jobs the project will bring.

However, they said it will have many needs in hospitality, management, construction, and security.

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