2 behind bars after referee attack at Savannah basketball game

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Video of a group of people attacking a referee at an AAU basketball game in Savannah took over Facebook just two weeks ago.

Two people have since been arrested.

The two suspects, Darius Little and Jake Simmons, who are a part of one of the teams, live in Eatonton, GA, almost three-and-a-half hours away. Now, they're sitting in the Chatham County Jail, charged with disorderly conduct and simple battery.

"This incident we unfortunately witnessed on video is not an isolated episode in my experience," said Brad Goodman, Savannah Warriors Assistant Coach.

The assistant coach says the brawls aren't out of the norm, pointing the finger to the AAU and tournament director. Several parents and coaches have raised questions about the lack of security.

"Things got out of control, and that's why I think if there would have been some security at that venue then maybe that situation would not have happened, but again, I've been at venues where there was security and it still happened."

Marcus Fowles, the referee who was attacked, spoke to us two weeks ago. Now, his lawyer tells us where the legal consequence could be without security.

"They had a duty to provide a security in the situation and it's my understanding that there was no security at all during the entire tournament. What happened to Mr. Fowles could have been avoided had there been adequate security there. That's one of the theories we are exploring throughout our investigation," said attorney, Felicia Spears. "I think people are disturbed by this and appalled like I was. I believe I saw a young girl said it was ridiculous and she'd never seen someone get beat down like that, and I think those are the reactions that they took away from that. How could this happen with adults at a teenage basketball game?"

We reached out to the tournament director with D1 SPECTS, Harold Thompson, for his response.

"We have security at all of our tournaments, but at that particular time, it's later in the day, we just didn't have security. We didn't have a problem that entire weekend until those people got there," he said.

When we originally ran this story, the GLA staff issued this apology through a Facebook message: 'Our staff met following this incident and agreed entirely that such negative exposure will not happen again.'

Savannah Police have confirmed the arrest of the two men, but say the wife was also arrested. Chatham County Sheriff's Office does not have that arrest on file.

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