Family, friends of Ricky Boyd leave city council meeting unsatisfied

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The mother of a man killed by police earlier this year in Savannah left Thursday's council meeting in tears.

Ricky Boyd's mother showed up asking council members if they supported releasing the body cam video showing the January shooting. The mayor and council pretty much told her it's out of their hands.

The city attorney explained that the district attorney is taking the video and other evidence to a grand jury, so releasing it would disrupt the investigation.

"My son walked out of the home with his arms outreached, and the police shot and killed him," said Smiley, Boyd's mother.

Smiley recounted to councilmembers what happened on that January day. She wasn't there, but she saw the shooting on body cam video.

"The city of Savannah took him away from me, from all of us," she said.

Now, she wants that same video released to the public, saying it will vindicate her son. Police say they were serving Boyd a murder warrant that morning.

"I want an answer from each of you. Do you support releasing the body cam," she asked the council?

These were the answers she got:

"You deserve a full investigation of the facts of this case. You deserve that," said Alderman Van Johnson, Savannah.

"Is it a yes or no,' she asked Johnson?

"You deserve that. I'm not willing to do anything to compromise that," the alderman said.

"You deserve justice. Your family deserves justice and I'm glad you all came down here in a full show," said Alderwoman Estella Shabazz.

The two dozen people in the crowd didn't like those responses, wanting a straight answer instead.

"The mayor and the city attorney told Ms. Smiley, 'we will not answer that question. You're not entitled to that answer. Get the hell out,' said Will Claiborne, the family's attorney.

"The recording of city council is on record. We did not tell anyone to get out," Alderwoman Shabazz said.

"Or 'get the hell out.' Total misrepresentation," said Alderman Johnson.

"We are concerned about this family, these residents in the city of Savannah," Shabazz said.

"Platitudes of feeling her pain, thoughts and prayers don't tell the truth, don't expose the truth," Claiborne said. "Thoughts and prayers are empty platitudes. Actions speak louder than those words."

There was a good showing of Boyd's family and friends. They wore shirts saying 'Justice for Ricky Boyd' on the front and 'stop the lies' on the back. A family member also held Boyd's picture.

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