New pedestrian signs near Forsyth Park confusing drivers

Pedestrian signs in Forsyth Park area causing confusion

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Some new pedestrian signs are sending people who frequent the Forsyth Park area in a frenzy because they say they are confusing and so close together.

Some people said the signs being so close on this street was confusing. Drivers are not really stopping for pedestrians, and, for their part, pedestrians are not pushing the crossing button.

On the sidewalk of Whitaker Street, the city has placed new pedestrian signs and flashing lights.

"Obviously what we are trying to do is give people an opportunity where the flashing lights will signal to a driver that someone is trying to cross," said Heath Llyod, the chief development officer with the city of Savannah.

Well, most people haven't noticed them. Others just aren't paying attention to them.

"The people walking in front of the vehicles not stopping and sometimes they don't use the button and the crosswalk, " bus security guard Jensina Cox said.

Drivers aren't stopping for pedestrians where they are supposed to stop and pedestrians aren't doing their part either. People also said, since the signs are so close on this street and there are not stopping signs, they are confused on what to do

"I think now, until there is Clarity on exactly where to stop and how to stop, it'll be a little bit confusing."

The city said the rapid flashing beacons at the five intersections on Whitaker Street are there to enhance pedestrian safety. They said this will also help with drivers yielding to pedestrians.

"What I would ask is patience as we go through this transition and drivers become more aware and pedestrians become more aware," Llyod said. "I think what we will see is everybody will get used to it."

So pedestrians should always remember to push the button, look both ways for traffic, wait until cars stop and then walk across the street with caution. And, when drivers see a pedestrian or those flashing lights, they should stop behind the line.

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