Customer steals Georgetown Subway worker's wallet

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - A Subway employee is asking for help finding a brazen customer she says stole her wallet. The crime was caught on store cameras.

Mariah Hamrick works at the subway in Georgetown and says a customer walked into the employee back room and took her wallet while she was working. Now, she's desperate for help.

"This is an honest neighborhood. We've never had any problems," said Mariah Hamrick. "And my credit cards are all gone. So for the next week I have no money at all. Nothing."

She does have pictures from the surveillance video. One appears to show the suspect taking the wallet right from her purse. Hamrick says it all started when the man walked in asking to use the restroom.

"So he went into the bathroom and I guess we should have paid for attention," said Hamrick. "We were up front with the customers and we hear the bathroom door open and close. Then, open and close again. And we didn't think anything of it."

A CCPD police report says "The unidentified male is observed exiting the back office door and entering the restroom with the wallet. A few minutes later, the male is observed walking out of the bathroom towards the front door."

"I went out and searched my vehicle," Hamrick said. "I was getting confused and then I was like 'something happened.' So then we reviewed the tapes, we saw it."

Hamrick later found her wallet in the restroom trash can without her cash and credit cards. Now, she wants him found.

"It was very hard," Hamrick said. "We were shocked. If he keeps getting away with it, he might get courageous and rob someone."

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