Hilton Head Island man dresses as chicken to slow drivers

HILTON HEAD ISLAND, SC (WTOC) - A man in Hilton Head is pushing for a lower speed limit in his neighborhood, but he's doing it in a special way.

Logan Cambron lives in the Point Comfort neighborhood on Hilton Head. People in that area say they've dealt with speeding drivers for years. After Cambron's chicken was hit by a car about a month ago, he decided it was time to make a stand.

For the last week, he's been out on the street every day wearing a chicken suit and carrying a radar speed gun. He says it's already making people slow down.

"When I'm standing out in the street, there's nothing they can do, they have to slow down," said Cambron. "I'm taking a little bit of a risk, but I like to think that I have good enough reflexes that I could dive out of the way. But it hasn't come to that yet."

The town's traffic engineer says he conducted a study on that area years ago. He says he doesn't think much has changed, so he doesn't want to do another study. He's encouraging residents to ask the State of South Carolina to do one.

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