Avoid These Toxic Plants to Keep Your Pet Safe this Spring

Avoid These Toxic Plants to Keep Your Pet Safe this Spring

April showers bring May flowers.

Spring is filled with beautiful new growth: grass, shrubs, flowers, and even weeds. Okay, the weeds are usually pretty ugly, but regardless of looks many pets take this opportunity to graze on this new found growth. This can be extremely dangerous as many spring time plants - including rhododendron and azaleas - are highly toxic to pets and can be fatal.

If you are ever in doubt, please reference this comprehensive list of plants to stay away from.

Do you know what else April brings? Puppies and Kittens!! The season is here and in some ways is delightful, as there is an abundance of cuteness, but this is also an unfortunate time as the shelters become over-run causing an enormous strain on already tight resources. So, if you were considering adopting a new furry friend, now is the perfect time!

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Not looking to adopt right now? Our biggest need is foster homes! Fostering orphaned kittens and puppies or mother cats with kittens is a life-saving, rewarding venture. Want to give bottle feeding a try? We also need feeders on hand for when the dire situation arises. Test the waters. Is your family thinking of adding a pet to your home? Or what a wonderful way to teach your children responsibility by fostering a pet.

If you are interested in opening up your home this spring, please click here to learn more and fill out a foster agreement. We can get you an adorable companion to love on in no time!