Understanding Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Understanding Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a medical service provided by pharmacists for patients that includes a comprehensive review and treatment plan of all medications. MTM often includes a comprehensive medication review (CMR) in which the pharmacist will review all medications or herbal supplements the patient is taking. During the CMR, the pharmacist will look for ways to decrease unnecessary medications, resolve any drug-drug interactions, and create an action plan to optimize drug therapy. All this is done with the individual patient in mind.

MTM often includes targeted-medication reviews, in which a pharmacist can consider a patient's disease state and optimize their drug therapy for the best results. An example of this would be a pharmacist sitting down with a patient to discuss medications related to his or her blood sugar and working with the physician to get the best results for that patient.

More importantly, MTM is covered by many insurance plans including most Medicare Part D plans at no cost to the patient!

Who benefits from Medication Therapy Management?

EVERYONE. MTM is offered to any person taking a daily medication. It may be most beneficial for those patients taking at least five daily medications or patients with questions regarding their health.

Pharmacists look for duplications in therapy which will decrease the amount of medications patients take and SAVES MONEY.

Pharmacists reach out to the doctors eliminating the need for the patient to call and wait for a response which SAVES TIME.

MTM has been proven to reduce patient readmission to the hospital and stop dangerous medication errors which SAVES LIVES.

Pharmacists are front-line Medication Therapy Management experts

Pharmacists are important first-line care providers who offer MTM to help patients get the most benefits from their medications by actively managing drug therapy and by identifying, preventing, and resolving medication-related problems such as potential adverse drug interactions. If you would like to know more about MTM, one of the Richmond Hill Pharmacy (912.756.3331) or Hinesville Pharmacy (912.876.8125) pharmacists will be happy to help, or email: rhp@coastalpharmacyinc.com.