Savannah Exchange Club hosts Quick-Think-A-Thon for area private schools

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Kids learn so many things in school, but sometimes we forget about some of the important safety situations that could save their lives.

That was the goal behind the Savannah Exchange Club's Quick-Think-A-Thon contest at Savannah Christian on Tuesday. WTOC's Mike Cihla hosted the event, asking second graders questions to some potentially dangerous scenarios they may encounter, such as a house fire, or what happens if they don't wear a seatbelt, or when to call 911. It's to help them use good common sense to help them think quickly in the event of a bad situation.

"This is the Quick-Think-A-Thon. We do it once a year. It helps out all the area second graders. We do a public school event and a private school event. WTOC has been helping us out for more than 25 years. Mike Cihla has been a huge supporter of this, and before that, it was Sonny Dixon helping us," said Toby Browne, Savannah Exchange Club. "You know, it's things we hope that kids learn at home on a normal basis, but if not, it gives teachers a chance to have a conversation with kids. When they are in second grade, they are so honest and we honestly think this has an impact on the rest of their lives and how they look at safety."

The overall winner in the private school Quick-Think-A-Thon was Ebb Youmans from St. James Catholic School.

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