Good News: Sorority donates fans to senior citizens

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - For the start of May Week, some sorority girls helped Seniors get a head start on beating the heat.

"As we all know in Savanah, by the time June rolls around, we are well into the upper 90s or even lower 100s, and our Seniors don't always have an adequate way to cool their homes," said Laura Wiggins, President, Savannah Chapter Delta Sigma Theta.

The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority's Savannah Alumni Chapter is trying to help, making its annual donation of fans to Senior Citizens, Inc., even before the organization starts collecting fans for Seniors.

"This is just an amazing gift. Every year, these wonderful women from the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority come and help us be ready for the summer months," said Patti Lyons, President, Senior Citizens, Inc.

"We try to help Seniors in our community who don't have air conditioning to make sure they stay cool during the summer months," Wiggins said.

"Our official fan drive will kick off in June, but this way we're ready, so if anybody wants to beat the rush and knows that they need a fan, they just need to come by and visit or call us and we'll get one to them," Lyons said.

The donation is one event during the sorority's observation of May Week that lets members experience the value of giving back.

"It's part of our service to the community to know we are helping those who are often left out or forgotten. There are a lot of programs for children and teens, programs for young adults, but often, Seniors are left out, so we want to make sure our Seniors are thought about with something that is very simple but also much needed in the humid temperatures in Savannah," Wiggins said.

The donation does not mark the beginning of Senior Citizens, Inc's annual fan drive. That will start the first week of June.

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