Drivers discouraged by high-rising gas prices

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you're filling up your gas tank on Tuesday, your wallet might take a big hit.

The national gas price average reached the highest price per gallon since November. We checked in with some drivers who admit they've been spoiled with the recent inexpensive prices.

At gas stations all across the country, when you swipe your card and look at the dollar amount on the receipt, it might come as a shock. Hitting a high average of $2.81 on Tuesday, Georgia is in the top 10 states with one of the largest weekly increases. The highest recorded average price in Savannah is $4.30, but the prices haven't gotten that high in the last 10 years. Triple-A says this spike is due to a higher demand and a rise in crude oil prices. Customers say...brace yourselves.

"Everyone tries to get down to that last cent and when you get down to that point you realize, wow, gas is too high now," said customer, Delmetria Carter.

"It really hurts. It really hurts. Brace yourselves. That's the best I can tell everybody that has to fill up their car. Brace yourselves," said customer, Herbert Roberts.

Triple-A says these gas prices will probably rise at least another 10 cents over the Memorial Day holiday and then stabilize over the summer.

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