Hometown Hero: Frank Williams, Botanical Garden

CHATHAM CO., GA (WTOC) - People go to the Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens to see beauty. One man has had more to do than anybody with keeping it beautiful for the last three decades.

Frank Williams didn't mind making suggestions to his boss about a building at the botanical gardens, considering that building now bears his name.

"If you love something, you take care of it, and God put us on this earth to take care of it, and that's the bottom line," he said. "I love what I do."

Only this weekend did his attention focus on one specific corner of the garden - the Frank Williams Classroom - which was dedicated in a ceremony on Sunday. For 30 years, Williams has been taking care of and taking pride in the entire property.

"He's been out here. He's our longest serving employee and he's been involved with almost everything we've done out here for the last 30 years," said Dr. Tim Davis, Interim Director, Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden.

"I've been at the Bamboo Garden and the Coastal Garden for 31 years. I've never been sick in that 31 years and never been late," Williams said.

He has been the hands-on caretaker of the gardens - one plant in particular.

"They call me the bamboo man and the bamboo king because I probably know more about bamboo right now than anybody on the property," he said.

That's an important distinction at a place that used to be named the Bamboo Gardens, but it's far from the only thing this WTOC Hometown Hero contributes to the Botanical Garden.

"Can't have anything without Mr. Frank. When I get new employees, the first thing I do is say, 'you're going to hang out with Mr. Frank for a couple of weeks,' Dr. Davis said.

"I like to see people come out here and enjoy themselves, and I work hard to do that in order for people to come back,"

"So, he's the most important person out here," Dr. Davis said.

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