Military aviation expert offers insight to C-130 aircraft

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - There are many differences between all types of military planes and regular commercial planes.

Military aviation expert of Teal Corporation, Richard Aboulafia, says the C-130 military aircraft dates back to the early 1950's. They are also on the line of production in Marietta, GA.

From the over six decades ago to even today, the C-130 has always performed tactical missions that other planes car perform.

Aboulafia says, "there is no mission it couldn't do, for a plane in its size class. They kept using it for everything from inserting commandos to refueling other planes in the air."

The C-130 even does missions like medical missions, weather missions, firefighting duties and natural disaster relief.

Aboulafia says this plane could easily fit 100 people if there is no cargo inside. However, if there is cargo or refueling tanks, there are only about four to six people that will fit on it. It just depends on what all is on the plane.

When operating the C-130, the plane is designed to land on unimproved surfaces especially when performing prime missions such as air dropping troops and equipment into hostile areas.

This plane was frequently used during the hurricanes to track weather. It was also used after the hurricane deliver supplies to cities in need.

People have also been curious to know how these planes tend to explode when they crash into the ground.

"Well there is a lot of fuel as you might expect...with hundreds and hundreds of gallons and you've got four turboprop engines or jet engines with propellers, so there is a lot of onboard fuel that makes for an explosive crash tragically," Aboulafia said.

He says these planes are abuilt to go forever if they are maintained properly, but there are reasons as to why after a couple of decades, these planes are retired.

"So basically you get a lot more efficiency, a lot more power, a lot more range - all of those things. You replace planes because they are old, but simply because you want better performance."

This expert says that these planes are still active even six decades, and there two built per month.

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