Savannah Development Renewal Authority to present 15-year plan

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - The city and the Savannah Development Renewal Authority are putting the final touches on their community development plan.

The ideas will be presented to the Congress for New Urbanism. The nonprofit specializes in helping cities redevelop communities.

The public will be able to give their input Friday and Saturday. A little over a month ago, developers in Savannah and a few nationwide invited the community to help create a master plan for areas in Savannah.

"So, everything from the river to the Ardsley Park area between Truman Parkway and I-16, roughly," said Kevin Klinkenburg, Savannah Development and Renewal Authority.

A 15-year plan is now in place to present to the New Congress for Urbanism on what Savannah could be in the future. These plans include Savannah's growth potential and what it could mean economically for the people living in these areas.

"I think most people of Savannah know we have these beautiful parks and squares. There are some neighborhoods that never really had those, and so part of this idea is to try to find opportunities to inject more of that in more neighborhoods,"

Concepts like having more public space downtown, more parks, bike ramps, and a change in transportation – just to name a few.

"There is an opportunity to create more of a loop around downtown that connects to a larger network in the city, and I think there seems to be a ton of support for that, and I think that's very likely to happen, and soon,"

With the CNU conference coming to Savannah for the first time, the city says they are honored to present them with possible changes for Savannah.

"We need to go back and see how we make this happen, how we threat this needle, what kind of partners we can bring to the table, where we can find additional resources in order to go ahead and implement some of those ideas that we think are going to be a value to our community," said Bridget Lidy, City of Savannah.

This is about a 15-year plan, but these developers are getting a head start on the future of downtown, eastside, and southside Savannah.

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